Interactive Voting System

User-friendly, and with a high cost-benefit ratio the “EZ-VOTE” System allows you to have an active participation of your audience and get immediate results in a PowerPoint presentation.

The software is fully integrated into your presentation, allowing the user to quickly and easily insert questions in the form of a slide at any point during a presentation.

With Data Portability and Immediate Reports feature,  answers are entered, put together and projected upon user´s demand. All information can be easily accessed and shown in different formats (Excel, Word, CSV and HTML). THE TRANSMITTER (KEYPAD)

  • Size Suitable for All Participants – Its unique ergonomical design allows a comfortable use and visibility of responses in Alpha-Numeric formats of your choice.
  • LED screen – The screen shows casted vote of each one of the questions answered with a vote confirmation feature.
  • Reliable and Accurate – Not all transmitters are the same. The Digital Multifrequency Sweep system works with 75 frequencies which avoids any interference, whatsoever.
  • Long lasting casing
  • USA-OEM under the ISO 9001-2008 certification.
  • Range and Coverage – Each antenna can collect signals of up to 500 transmitters in an area of more than 500 Mts.
  • Interference Free – The Innovative Digital Multifrequency Sweep Technology enables to fully cover the 2.4 GHz Band Spectrum with Multiplexer Protocol that uses 75 channels to ensure no interference whatsoever.
  • Data input time –500 votes every 2 seconds.
  • International Certification – FCC, CE and World Telecommunications Industry.