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Innovation and Leadership in Technologies

Innovation and Leadership in Technologies

We present our interactive-audio solution, where it is transmitted in different audio channels or languages ​​via Wi-Fi to the user's mobile device.

By means of an application (Android and iOS), you can select the channel to listen to: you can also display banners, photographs, share information, download the agenda or catalogs related to the event, product or company to be presented. All the above without using the user's data.


  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Silent conferences
  • Presentations in stands and fairs
  • Streaming audio on different channels
  • Auditory assistance in venues such as gyms, hospitals, bars, restaurants, airports, etc.

“Amtrad means efficient, responsible and highly professional services”

Since 1990, operating under the name "Amtrad Translation Services", we have catered to the domestic and international markets, offering professional interpretation and translation services through specialized interpreters and translators. Technology-wise, we offer the rental of equipment for professional simultaneous interpretation in several languages, as well as parliamentary microphones, audio and video systems (audio-visual or AV) and operational staff to address the service needs of the market for conferences and conventions, meetings, seminars, summits, workshops, symposia, field visits and similar events.
Conference Interpreters
Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment
Parliamentary Microphones


In order to offer excellent multi-lingual communication services for the benefit of our customers, we carefully select the professional interpreters and translators who work for us and who are optimally suited for each project; we also take pride in the versatility of our technological solutions.


Transparency, honesty and respect, loyalty to our customers, collaborators and staff